5 Tips for Inspiring Mindful Writing

(Originally published on December 16, 2015 at www.BrainSpeak.com)

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by Diana Raab

Emotions can run amok during the busy holiday season. Mindful writing can help bring some respite into your life, and can also help you uncover your authentic voice and inspire the writer inside you.

Most of us write mindfully, in that we’re writing what we’re feeling at the time we’re writing. Being mindful means intentionally being present in any given moment. Rather than thinking of your past or future, being mindful is about focusing on what is happening right now. In other words, as the spiritual teacher Ram Dass says, “Be here now.”

For many people, writing is a spiritual practice that opens up a connection with the divine. It’s also a way of letting go and making sense of yourself, your loved ones, and the world in which you live. Through journaling, you can cultivate self-awareness.

Here are some writing prompts to elicit your creative juices and inspire you to write:

  • At the top of the page, write: “I remember.” Begin by writing down the first memory that emerges. Keep writing without lifting your pen off the page. See where your subconscious mind brings you. Unlike an essay, there doesn’t have to be a beginning, middle, and end to your words. Just write.

About the Author Diana Raab

Diana Raab, Ph.D. is a memoirist, poet, blogger, essayist, educator and facilitates workshops in writing for healing and transformation. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology, and a research focus on the healing and transformative powers of memoir writing.

Originally published at brainspeak.com.

Award-winning author/poet/blogger. Speaks and writes on writing for healing & transformation. Visit: dianaraab.com

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