5 Ways to Reflect on 2022

Diana Raab
4 min readJan 1
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  • Reflection is transformative and can inspire growth and change.
  • Reflection provides a deeper insight into our experiences.
  • Reflection can be done alone or with friends or loved ones.
  • Reflective writing is a powerful tool to help us examine our experiences.

To reflect is to take the time to evaluate or meditate on the experiences and events in our lives, and view them either separately or in the context of our entire life to see how they have affected us. Reflection is also about considering how our experiences changed us or have helped us grow. In self-reflection, you’re thinking of your own life and its trajectory. Self-reflection is an essential tool for transformation and change. If you’re unhappy or are dealing with difficult situations, taking the time to self-reflect can help you move through them with renewed intention and purpose.

Why Reflect?

The last week of the year seems to be the perfect time to reflect on the happenings of 2022. However, because most of us have fast-paced lives, we don’t always have the time or inclination for self-reflection or evaluation of our lives. Reflection also inspires us to learn and better understand ourselves. This is particularly important if you’ve had experiences or people in your life that troubled you in the past year. According to fellow PT contributor Tchiki Davis, when making change, remember to do so with gentleness and self-compassion (2019). It’s important that we don’t spend too much time judging ourselves, but rather accept what happened in the past and consider making appropriate changes in 2023 that will lead to a more harmonious and happier life, all of which contribute to your sense of well-being.

“Life-reflection is a social-cognitive process that begins in adolescence and continues across the life span,” writes Ursula Staudinger (2001). Reflection has different purposes during different life stages, but on the whole, it provides us with insight into who we are and what makes us happy. Sometimes we prefer to reflect alone, but we should also consider including friends, therapists, or family in the experience. This can help offer deeper insight into our experiences. Reflection has many positive outcomes. A study…

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