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5 Writing Rituals and Prompts for The New Year

Diana Raab


A ritual is a way of doing something on a regular basis. We each have our own set of rituals, whether it’s waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth, washing your face, or walking the dog. It can also be maintaining a spiritual practice, a meditation practice or exercise routine. As a writer, I’m a big advocate of rituals because they put us in a certain mindset. In terms of rituals before writing, we each have different needs and what works for us, whether it’s taking a walk, having a cup of tea or coffee, burning a candle, or a meditation practice.

Prompt: Write about some of your rituals, those you love and those which you’d like to revise in 2024.

Starting the New Year

The new year is a good time to begin a writing. As a writing and journaling advocate, I believe that the writing ritual has many healing and therapeutic properties. It heals because it serves as an outlet where we can express ourselves and our emotions. Writing gives us a way to make sense of and clarify our feelings about certain experiences, especially during life challenges. It helps us communicate our thoughts to ourselves and to those around us. Also, studies have shown that when writing in the first person, our body, mind, and spirit tend to become stronger and more balanced.

Writing can be therapeutic because it helps us develop self-awareness, creativity, a sense of gratitude, self-confidence, and mindfulness; inspires us to manifest our intentions and tap into our authentic selves; is empowering and energizing; and helps us identify life patterns.

Writing time is also alone time, which some of us we welcome after the busy holiday season. Being alone with our thoughts is healing because it allows us to tap into a creative outlet for learning about ourselves. Writing can help us identify priorities, answer life’s essential questions, and determine our reasons for being. All in all, it offers the magic of self-discovery as a path to psychological and spiritual well-being.

Prompt: What gives your life a sense of significance?


The type of writing ritual you choose will depend on what type of writing resonates with you. Some different forms of…



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