Do you know that feeling you get
when giving up
when you don’t care for another day,
when you realize you are your childhood
no matter how much you try to smother it?

As you wonder if anyone will care after you’ve departed
as you walk through the gate alone
in the same way you arrived.

After walking on life’s path,
you held hands with different people
some held tighter —
others with a very loose grip —
and those who walk beside sharing only their backs.

Who shares the answer to those who meander
with questions as they carry
lovers as their crutches

You, my dear, do not care anymore
and there are days
when I wonder if you ever did
as you surrender to your own destiny and I move on.

Originally published at on June 12, 2017.

Award-winning author/poet/blogger. Speaks and writes on writing for healing & transformation. Visit:

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