Exactly What To Journal About This Fall To Nurture Your Creative Spirit

New seasons represent transformation. The fall represents a season of new beginnings, a time of harvesting, and the turning over of new leaves.

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Find a notebook you love.

It’s good to get in the habit of always carrying a notebook or journal with you, because you never know when the creative muse will visit. You can jot down thoughts in the moment and then go back later and expand on these concepts when you have more time.

Find a great writing instrument, too.

Your pen should be comfortable in your hand and flow easily. I personally prefer gel pens, and I like using purple ink — but that’s just me. You might very well have your own preference, or you may wish to experiment with a variety of colored pens or pencils. Lately, I’ve enjoyed using clickable fountain pens to write in my journals. I only recently discovered that these pens even existed!

Pick your journaling location.

Establish a good spot to journal. Twentieth-century author Virginia Woolf coined the idea of “a room of one’s own” and wrote a book with that title. I love this idea. Woolf was referring to a figurative room, which is a deeper concept than a literal, physical space. Essentially, she was referring to a place where you can feel safe and comfortable — one that offers a blanket of support. This should be a place where you feel like you can write uninterrupted for 15 to 20 minutes.

What to write.

The list of writing topics is endless. One tip is to write about the first thing that pops into your head. For example, what are you thinking about right now? What’s on your mind? What feels most vivid to you at this moment? Keep writing, and don’t worry if one sentence does not logically lead into the next. Try doing free-writing, which is sometimes known as stream-of-consciousness writing — writing for 15 minutes without lifting your pen off the page.

Here are some fall writing prompts I’m specifically passionate about:

1. Describe the colors, smells, and sensations of autumn. Describe how these affect your mood, sentiments, and outlook on life.

Award-winning author/poet/blogger. Speaks and writes on writing for healing & transformation. Visit: dianaraab.com

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