The Magic and Passion of Storytelling

  • Choose an appropriate occasion to share your story, taking into account the interest level and age of your audience.
  • Provide a logical plot by thinking about the story’s ending. A good story has a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Remember that the best stories build up suspense to a good climax, but always leave the listener wanting more.
  • Create a strong beginning. It’s important to capture listeners’ attention; make them curious about the subject being discussed.
  • When creating scenes, make sure that the sequence of events is in the correct order. This makes it easier for listeners or readers to remember.
  • Create believable characters. To do so, incorporate all your senses, and show, rather than tell, how your characters look and behave. Also, use dialogue to help illustrate your characters.
  • Engage readers and listeners on an emotional level by sharing universal emotions that resonate with them.



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Diana Raab

Diana Raab

Award-winning author/poet/blogger. Speaks and writes on writing for healing & transformation. Visit: